Sunday, September 13, 2009

I want...

This post comes from a combination of things. Yesterday, I was reading the student website set up by Ms. A. (Yes, I know I'm not in her class this semester but she has such an impact on my life that I like to go see what she has her new batch of students up to.) Since not many had posted on her comments section, I decided to post. (I'm sure I wasn't supposed to but I felt like helping out.) She had talked about "listing". Her listing was post comments and start with, "I believe..." to which I replied...

I believe…

in love at first sight.

that love is worth climbing out on a limb for.

that true love never ends.

that God give us second chances to change the mistake we made the first time.

that true friends are like the seasons, they may go away for awhile but they always come back when its time.

I also got a horoscope yesterday. (No, I do not believe in these things but it was extremely uncanny that it came when so much is going on in my life and it parallelled it.) So sometime around 3 or 4 this morning I woke up and started thinking about the last part which read, "what truly matters to you in love." So here I go.

I want...

someone that loves me unconditionally.

someone that when I'm watching a "sappy, chick flick" will put his arm around me and let me cry on his shoulder.

someone that will slow dance with me in the kitchen.

someone that doesn't tell me to shutup when I sing with the radio.

someone to walk with in the evening and listen to the whippoorwills, crickets and frogs.

someone that picks a bouquet of wildflowers, "just because".

someone that can't sleep in the middle of the night because they realize I'm not beside them.

someone that takes the time to come see me when I have to stay in hospital for three days and doesn't call for a 25 minute conversation because they are working in Branson and it's too far to drive.

someone to cook with me and occassionally for me.

someone that knows me inside and out.

someone that doesn't have to have the tv on the minute he hits the door or wakes up and that pays more attention to what I have to say than to it.

someone that believes long, deep kisses are for more times than just when you're in the mood.

someone that shoulders as much responsibility as me.

someone that says, "I'm sorry" when he's wrong.

someone that doesn't always have to be right and doesn't go out of his way to prove me wrong, even if I am.

someone to take care of me on the rare occassion that I get sick.

someone to make me feel safe.

someone that believes in give and take.

someone that doesn't feel the need to guilt you into a decision.

someone that makes me laugh.

someone that doesn't pretend to be something they are not.

These are the things that I would look for. They are mostly little, sentimental things but the little things,those silly, trivial, little things, fill in the voids the big pieces can't cover. I'm sure to some these may seem stupid and trivial but this is what I think. These are my things and yours may be different, but that is when you need to know if your things and their things make a whole instead of just a bunch of pieces. I have came to realize that if your pieces don't fit, then you're just like an uncompleted jigsaw puzzle. You may have some pieces that join but in the end you still don't go together and become complete.

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