Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Semester, New Trials

Here we are a week into the new semester. Wow, it's been a ride already. I started out with 5 classes. I had 3 seated and 2 web courses. I dropped to one web course yesterday. It's hard getting into the swing of the web class.

Today, I'm trying my hardest to study. I have a million things on my mind. None of which involve what I'm trying to study. Then, every 10-15 minutes Paden is calling me to help him on his new laptop that he got for Christmas. He was trying to play games on the Disney website but I have now made him quit and play the Jumpstart games that he knows how to use.

My mind rambles here and there. It's hard to focus today. My heart is not into it and I know that I will eventually give up and go find something else to occupy my time for a while. It's even harder when I know that tomorrow will be spent with Colton at a Shooting Sports Safety meeting.

I keep worrying about finding a job. I need one really bad and I keep hoping for a call for an interview soon. A part of me, though, is trepidatious about finding a job. Once I am employeed then life as I know it will change. Not only will I have to adjust all of my classes but I will become a single mom. How scary is that?

Well, enough goofing off. Time to hit the books.

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